Salient Features Of Bitumax (Patch Repair)

  1. BITUMAX ( PR)  : This is a ready mix of asphalt which is very handy, easy to use no need to blend or mix on site, does not require drying period and road traffic closing. It is good for pavement work and pot hole or crack repair of existing asphalt or concrete surface e.g. Road, Parking area, Foot path, Airport pavement.
  2. It is available in Standard Grade for repair of pot hole over 10 mm in depth and is packed in 25kgs  HDPE bags.
  3. For large repairs / overlays use of a roller will ensure smooth / even compaction.
  4. Very little preparation is needed prior to application of BITUMAX PR. To achieve optimum results loose debris / standing water/oil etc. should be removed from the area.
  5. Bitumax(PR) Cold Mix can withstand continuous and heavy traffic impact from the moment repairs are carried out without any appreciable deterioration.
  6. It can be used in extreme temperature conditions (up to 600C) and is not effected by snow/ rain/ frost at the time of repair and thereafter.
  7. It has great adhesion strength,  does not contract and has no separation throughout curing time which is dependent on temperature, traffic intensity and weight.
  8. There is no health, safety or  fire hazard associated with it.
  9. Maximum shelf life is upto 6 Months, in sealed airtight HDPE bags.

Advantages of Ready to Use Cold Mix for Patch Repair/ Patching:

The ready to use Bitumax(PR) Cold Mix, for Pothole/ Patch Repairs has the following advantages over the conventional patching materials:-

  1. Minimum preparation of surface / area requiring repairs
  2. Very fast application at site.
  3. It is also possible to carry out repairs under adverse climatic conditions whether it is hot cold, rain, or snow.
  4. There is no wastage of material and the man power required is bare minimum.
  5. The quality of mix is consistent and patches are more stable.
  6. The pavement becomes road worthy quickly as no curing time is required.
  7. The use of cold mix is a very convenient and efficient method of carrying out repairs to utility / road cuts with minimum traffic interference.

Factors  favouring use of Cold Mix  for Instant Repairs :

The following are some of the factors favoring the use of Cold Mix for pothole/patch repairs:

  • The material is packed in 25 Kgs HDPE bags which is easy to handle and transport.
  • The mix is well graded and of uniform quality.
  • It is simple and easy to apply, does not require any skilled manpower.
  • It has excellent bonding with existing surface and has high stability.
  • It is almost instant in setting and quick in developing strength
  • It is resistant to :-

(a)      Peeling off under traffic.

(b)      Stripping by water.

(c)      Bleeding, cracking and deformation.

  • Last but not the least, it is Eco friendly, easy to apply as  the Mix is ready made and laid cold.


The Bitumax (PR) Cold Mix can be used for the following:

  1. a) Pot hole repairs/ Patching of worn off road surfacing even under adverse weather conditions.
  2. b) Instant repair of utility cuts.

Characteristics :

  1. BITUMAX(PR) : is a finished product, ready to use, does not require further mixing, no need of any special equipment’s.
  2. BITUMAX PREMIX  : will be hardened when contacts with surrounding air and being compacted by conventional compactor, shovel or wheel roller, without any heat treatment.
  3. BITUMAX  Premix :         Is handy and easy to use.

Easy Patch Repair Mix /instant Repairs

  • Ready Mix For Patch Repairs
  • Easy Handling – Application
  • Effective In All Weather Conditions
  • Repairs All Types Of Potholes / Patches
  • Instant Opening To Traffic
  • Long Life High Durability Easy  To Use In 25kgs Bags.
  • Excellent Adhesion To Old Surface
  • Long Storage Life 10 Months


  • Minimum Preparation Of Surface Before Repair.
  • Fast Application.
  • Possible To Use Under Adverse Climate / Site Conditions.
  • Provides More Stable Patches.
  • Constant Quality.
  • Very Short Curing Time, Immediate Opening To Traffic.
  • Well Graded Aggregates.
  • Conveniently Packed.
  • Eco Friendly.
  • Good For Pothole, Patch, Trench Cut  Repairs

Technical Data

BITUMAX( PR) is a ready mix of aggregate coarse and fine which is coated with a special type of Bitumen Emulsion and is ready for Instant use. The mix is available in containers of different sizes ranging from 5 Kg to 25Kg depending on the requirement of the user. These mixes are most popular for Patch/Pothole Repair of Roads in any conditions. The Cold Mix has the following characteristics:-


a) Shelf Life 03 months from  the date of manufacture
b) Binder Content by Weight of Mix 7%- 7.5%
c) Aggregate Gradation


Sieve Size(in MM) Passing %
10.00 100%
4.75 55% – 75%
2.36 10% – 20%
1.18 1.0% – 10%